“Robyn is a great instructor for beginners. She can help modify your poses and she really can make you feel welcome and comfortable on the mat.”   – T. J. G.

“Robyn goes at a great pace and the class always has a variety of moves.”   – Colin H.

“Robyn, thank you for an enjoyable class, taught with patience, and options to accommodate all skill levels!”   – Anon.

“Robyn is the best yoga teacher I ever had. She always has such a positive and encouraging energy. She gives differentiated instructions, which always makes everyone feel accepted and supported. Love her classes!”   – Wenqing

“Robyn is just great! Her pacing works for everyone young and old alike.” – Walter

“Robyn makes yoga class both relaxing and playful. Her routines are thoughtful and interesting, with modifications for every skill level or ability.” – Anon.

“Robyn has wonderful positive energy that she carries with herself all the time and into her yoga. Robyn rocks!” – JB

“Robyn is an excellent yoga instructor and I thoroughly enjoy her classes. Her routines are challenging and she always offers options for each skill level. She varies her routines each session. I highly recommend trying one of her classes.” – Joanne W.

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